Create easy, entertaining and short cartoon videos to visualize complex ideas: Paper-based videoprototyping is absolutely new to Scrum. It is a technique that was developed in Berlins lean startup scene within the last 5 years and helps visualizing complex contexts.

Alexander Krause: Videoprototyping

Alexander Krause: Videoprototyping

Using this technique, you can easily create any number of one minute movies just by drawing and cutting out simple paper figures that you can use freely to visualize the story of your product. As the movie is only a very rough visualization of your vision the audience will very likely be inclined to think about possible improvements and willing to give constructive feedback.

Agile Bodensee 2014: Videoprototyping-Workshop

We gained a powerful tool to spread the vision and prepare the product backlog. This Workshop started with an idea that was developed via the Lean Canvas, a Persona, a Script and a Storyboard to a complete short-film of a user-journey. Small teams were lead through the process and have produced their own movie in the end.

Workshop Videoprototyping