Ever heard the sentence “If you measure it, you can manage it” – from my position it not an entirely true. You can measure things and still not being in control and not able to manage.

Sometimes we are taking measurements event without a notice or without asking ourselves about the purpose of the measurement.

In my working life I was taking measurements, such as:
– working hours on certain task
– working hours per week

I was counting steps per day. I really wanted to make it 10.000. I didn’t ask myself, is it a right measurement for me. What is the actual goal? In this case I was just an observer.

And jet it very good to measure. Measuring is more precise than a gut feeling. Measuring it’s a base for scientific approach. But the most important element of good measurement starts before you measure anything.

In this interactive training I will give an impulse with many examples and start a discussion with participants about the purpose of metrics and measuring in agile setting.

Touching the topics:
– How can we ask ourselves right questions, why we want to measure
– Cycle of measurement and how it is connected to PDCA cycle
– Outcome based planning and how it is connected to measuring practices
– What are popular agile metrics and how they can be connected to outcome based planning

At the end of the session participants will get a list of helping questions, how to get to the purpose of measuring.

Leokadija Sviridova

Senior consultant with experience in different approaches to project management. Over the years held positions as Web Developer, Project Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Trainer. Over the last 7+ years she is implementing Scrum and other Agile frameworks within small startups, mid-range companies and government institutions around Germany. With special interest is teamwork, team dynamics, and team improvement towards higher performance and team resilience.

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