What happens when the desire for psychological safety and team intelligence hits the reality of COVID-19, home office, and social distancing?
What happens when virtual boundaries endanger the social mores of decorum and politeness in human interaction?
What happens when the rules of communication and trust vanish behind bandwidth issues?

And what can you do about this?

Join us to hear a psychological perspective on how to build trust and psychological safety in a virtual working environment.

Joseph Pelrine

One of the world’s most experienced experts in Agile methods, Joseph Pelrine has spent 25 years helping companies improve their ability to satisfy the needs of their customers. As a psychologist, his focus on people and their role in process optimisation goes far beyond the domain of software development, and extends to the whole organisation. Joseph conducts research in novel applications of psychology to agile processes, and is also a PhD researcher in psychology and psycholinguistics.

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